Thursday, 28 April 2011

Top 5 most wanted

When working with clients and their kitchen designs, we ask them what they would most like to have included in the plans. Here are the five most wanted, in ascending order, according to Baker & Baker.

5. Wine Chiller

If space allows, a wine chiller and wine rack is often high on the priority list.  With kitchens being such sociable area's, what better place to store it.  A readily available bottle of red or white served at the right temperature is just what the chef ordered.

4. Curved Cabinets

Inverted curved wall cabinet

Stylish and graceful, curved cabinets have come into their own over the last two years and we have certainly seen an increase in demand at Baker & Baker .  Those looking for a soft, elegant feel in the kitchen, love our 'Grove' range with its curved cornices, plinths and rounded corners.   

3. Quooker Hot Tap

Corian worktop

Since becoming a Quooker distributor eighteen months ago, over half of our kitchen clients have ordered a quooker tap and just as many have been sold to walk in customers with existing kitchens.  This hot water tap is fast becoming a top seller and it is easy to see why. 

 2. Larder Pantry Cupboard

Half height larder

Split racks

Efficient use of space and a must have for most.  One large cabinet, either single door or double to hold all the store cupboard supplies.  Our design has optional hand-made door racks and wicker vegetable baskets and can include a granite shelf for cold storage.

1. Pan Drawers

Roomy and easy to access, pan drawers are without a doubt, the most popular.  Two large deep drawers and a third cutlery or utensil drawer on easy glide, self closing runners that can hold cook pots and crockery upto 50kg.   Practically every kitchen we have designed over the past two years, has had a request for at least one set of pan drawers. 

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