Monday, 16 May 2011

Cutting It!

Keen cook? Then you'll love this superb range of professional knives from the Japanese makers Kai.  The Shun collection of kitchen knives made from Damask steel with Pukka wood handles are solid but not too heavy and beautifully finished.     

The range has an excellent selection of blade sizes and cutting options and has various boxed sets including a carvery set which make ideal gifts.

There is also some ingenious ideas for safe storage to suit any knife range.

Magnetic knife block
Swivel wood top and stone base

 Magnetic wooden uprights with stone base

Magnetic wooden uprights with metal base

Five knife block with handle rest

Sits nicely in your utensil or cutlery drawer

Or on the counter top

All the above are available from Baker & Baker - drop into the showroom for a demo!

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